A doctor at the hospital in Flin Flon, Man., has been charged with assault in connection with an altercation with another doctor this past summer, CBC News has learned.

RCMP were called to the Flin Flon General Hospital in July, after a fight broke out between two physicians.

Both doctors were suspended while the RCMP investigated the incident.

One of the doctors has since been charged with assault and uttering threats, but he has been allowed to resume work at the hospital, health officials confirmed.

The other doctor who was involved in the fight has left the community.

Word of the charges comes weeks after the CBC News I-Team uncovered serious concerns about the Flin Flon hospital's emergency room.

Residents in the northwestern Manitoba city have complained of misdiagnoses and problems with the quality of care there.

As well, concerns have been raised about doctors scheduling themselves on 24-hour shifts and double-dipping, triple-dipping and even quadruple-dipping on fees by working several jobs during one shift and collecting fees for each.

The Northern Regional Health Authority says an independent review of the Flin Flon emergency room is underway, with the results expected by next month.

As well, the Manitoba government said it will investigate the double-billing allegations involving the hospitals' doctors.