Flames engulf vacant home east of Winnipeg

Fire has consumed a vacant home east of Winnipeg.
A vacant house off Highway 15, near Dugald, went up in flames on Wednesday. 1:29

Fire has consumed a vacant home east of Winnipeg.

Emergency crews were called at 6 a.m. to the scene at Highway 15, near Highway 207 in the Rural Municipality of Springfield.

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"It was fully involved when firefighters pulled up," said Dick Vlaming, fire chief of the RM.

Crews let it burn but monitored other buildings on the property.

"There's a lot of high grass and there is another building on site, so we're just making sure exposures don't catch on fire," Vlaming said at the time.

"We're walking around the house and taking care of that."

The blaze was out by about 9:30 a.m.

No one was in it at the time, because it had been expropriated by the province and was set to be moved.

However, Vlaming said the fire appears suspicious so someone started it.

Jeremy Solodky, who grew up in the house, stood and watched the fire tear it down.

"It was a very nice house, good house to grow up in," he said. "Lots of memories here; good house, you know, for country kids to live. It had a tree house at the back."

Solodky's family moved out two years ago when the home was expropriated for highway expansion.

"Apparently when we first moved out there was damage done to the house, not from us. So, somebody was in there at one time and did damage, left food laying around," he said.