A group of First Nations military veterans were honoured Saturday in Winnipeg.

Joe Meconse

Joe Meconse was recognized for his services on June 21 during National Aboriginal Day celebrations, when he was given a headdress. (CBC)

Aboriginal Veterans Day

Drummers and dancers filled the room during the grand entry for the event. (Michael Fazio/CBC)

The Indian & Metis Friendship Centre hosted a powwow and celebration in the lead up to National Aboriginal Veterans Day on Nov. 8.

Joe Meconse was one of several indigenous veterans honoured at the event.

"I'm happy that people are recognizing aboriginal veterans, what they've done, what they accomplished."​ Meconse said, adding he's been the president of the Manitoba chapter of the Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association for the past 19 years.

"We represent the soldiers that were denied by the government and never got anything."

Manitoba was the first province to recognize Aboriginal Veterans Day in 1994.

First Nations veterans honoured ahead of National Aboriginal Veterans Day1:11