A newly-wed couple in Morris, Man., is homeless after their house burned to the ground.

Morris fire

Only the foundation is left after a fire destroyed a couple's home in Morris, Manitoba. (CBC)

Les Bickell said he and his wife Beth have lost just about everything they own after the fire on Wednesday.

"A lot of memories," said Les on Thursday, looking over the ruins of what use to be the Bickell's home.

"But at least it’s just stuff,” said Beth.

The fire started when a microwave bag was thrown into an outdoor garbage can by the house. Les Bickell said it couldn't have been 10 minutes between when he and his wife smelled the smoke and the house was engulfed in flames.

He said they got out with the clothes on their back and one cell phone. Everything else, including gifts from the wedding two weeks ago, is gone.

House fire

Crews battle the fire in Morris that consumed Les Bickell's home on Wednesday. (PembinaValleyOnline.com)

"It's the craziest thing ever. We are basically starting afresh because we don't even have any vehicles — like, everything is destroyed," Bickell said.

The couple will meet with their insurance broker Thursday but members of the community have promised to help however they can with what the insurance won't cover.

"My phone has just been ringing off the hook with people from the area with, 'hey is there anything we can do to help you?' It's just awesome to see,'" Bickell said.