Thirty-four patients were forced out of the Boyne Lodge Senior's Residence in Carman after a fire broke out around 4:30 Monday morning.

Mary Heard of the Southern Regional Health Authority said the patients were in the special care unit, which deals with patients with dementia, on the second floor.

Heard said the facility brought in any one who could help get them safely out.

"We called in any staff that was available," she said. "EMS came, the fire commissioner and the fire department, and the town of Carman has an emergency disaster management plan and that kicks in."

She said the patients were taken to Carman Hospital, Senior's Centre and the Carman Community Hall, where a reception centre has been activated.

The patients were safely moved and there were no casualities.

The cause of the fire and extent of the damage is still being assessed.

Heard said people have already been allowed back in on the first floor.

The facility has 70 beds in total, and 37 on the second floor, but three were empty.

Medical staff with the Southern Regional Health Authority and community volunteers with the local Emergency Response Team are caring for evacuees.