Fire destroyed a home under construction and damaged three neighbouring ones on Monday in Winnipeg.

The fire broke out just after 8:15 a.m. in the 100 block of Jefferson Avenue.

Dozens of firefighters in 10 trucks raced to the scene and managed to put out the flames at all four homes within 45 minutes.

The home where it started, at 107 Jefferson, is just a charred frame while the side of a bungalow immediately beside it, at 109 Jefferson, was heavily blackened. Firefighters had to cut into the roof of that house to get at flames inside the attic.

Bradley Laroque, who owns the house at 109 Jefferson, said he saw two kids at the house under construction. He was about to call police when he saw the kids run away.

Not long afterwards Laroque heard a loud "whoosh" and flames engulfed the home.

He got his family out as the fire spread to his house. The two other homes, at 105 and 111 Jefferson, were damaged but not as badly.

No one was hurt but a pet cat is missing, firefighters said.

Damage is estimated at $400,000 to all four homes combined.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the arson strike force.