Several parents could be without child care in the fall after a fire left Windsor Community Centre badly damaged.

The centre’s president, Jackie Hanna, said she’s worried about how they’ll find space for their child care program, which was set to start in the fall.


Smoke pours from the Windsor Community Centre on Wednesday night. (Windsor Community Centre)

The fire broke out last Wednesday around 9 p.m. and caused about $500,000 worth of damage.

No one was hurt in the blaze, but the centre was badly damaged.

Hannah said almost everything being kept in the building’s basement has to be thrown out.

Now, cleanup efforts are underway at the centre, which is home to an outdoor hockey rink, woodworking programs, a craft room, child care centre and a canteen.

“The city has brought people in. They’re working really hard,” said Hanna. “Demolition has started on interior walls. We’re getting together with our board this week to find out what’s the next step.”

But so far, Hanna hasn’t been able to find an alternate location for the centres child care program.

“We’re talking to the school board. We’re looking at different buildings, maybe churches,” said Hannah, who has been at the site every day since the blaze. “Parents are concerned about the programs, but we’ve assured them that, hopefully, we’ll have something up and going in the near future.”