Droves of Winnipeggers took in the second day of events at the Festival du Voyageur Saturday amid icy cold conditions that felt like –40 with the windchill.

The 47th annual St. Boniface winter celebration kicked off Friday night, with the usual snowshoeing activities, snow sculptures, trading posts and live music opening to the public.

Vivianne Roy, a musician in the band Les Hey Babies from Moncton, N.B., said she was excited to take the stage Saturday.

"It's not often that you go into another city, especially around this time of year, and see so many people really down for it and actively participating by wearing those big jackets and those belts and stuff," she said. "It's super festive."

Lise Alcock braved the cold and stuck around the festival most of the day Saturday.

Ben Boxall

Ben Boxall said the frigid temperatures on Day 2 of Festival du Voyageur weren't enough to keep him from attending and having fun. (CBC)

"As long as you're dressed for the weather it's great to be out here," she said. "Layer up!"

Ben Boxall said while he isn't necessarily a fan of the bone-chilling temperatures, they wouldn't stop him from attending the festival.

"It's cold in Winnipeg, but there's a lot of things you really want to go and do and really just get outside," he said. "[The cold] bothers me, but I'd rather be doing something than be inside."

Festival du Voyageur runs until Feb. 21.