Old-fashioned roller skates will hit the ground at the Winnipeg Convention Centre this weekend, with a cross-border roller derby getting underway on Saturday.

Winnipeg’s Allstars team is facing off against the Fargo Derby Girls at 8 p.m., and the team is eager to strut its stuff against the Americans.

“This is our home town debut, so I’m really excited to show Fargo what we can do -- that we’re not the same team that they beat,” said Alex Krosney, whose roller derby name is Lex Go.

Teammate Bess Hamilton, or Pocket Rockette, said spectators should expect a rough-and-tumble match.

“They can expect hard hits, a lot of passion on the track, great music -- it will be a lot of fun,” she said.  

Fun, Hamilton said, not just for spectators but those on the track.

“I love that it has this really unique culture to it, and it’s an opportunity for women of all backgrounds and shapes and sizes to really do something for themselves,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said the sport is gaining traction in Winnipeg, and a number of past derbies have sold out.

Tickets to Saturday’s match, though, are still available and are $15 on Ticketmaster.