Eight Brandon researchers will lose their jobs as part of hundreds of possible cuts at Agriculture Canada.

Nationally, nearly 700 employees have been told they could lose their jobs.

Marianne Hladun, vice president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, said these are just the latest in agriculture cuts across the Prairies.

"These are citizens in local communities that are no longer going to be contributing," said Hladun.

"This is programs within agriculture that have existed for over 100 years that are suddenly, quietly being done away with."

In Brandon, beef researchers were given word they would lose their jobs. Hladun said government officials haven’t explained why they’re making cuts to beef research.

"It seems to be targeted at the research, and it’s something we know with this government that anything that is research-based or science-based seems to be on their chopping block," said Hladun.

It is not yet known how many jobs may be lost specifically on the Prairies.