Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was greeted as if he were a rock star at the provincial NDP convention Saturday.

thomas  mulcair

Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair spoke to the party faithful at its annual convention Saturday. (Jillian Taylor/CBC )

Mulcair said he has complete faith in Greg Selinger's leadership, in spite of recent woes for the premier and the party, from the messy public expulsion of former cabinet minister Christine Melnick from caucus, to continuing unrest over the PST increase, to plummeting numbers in the polls.

"Manitoba, under NDP stewardship, is a progressive place," he said. "It's a place where families are taken care of. I know what the Conservative agenda is and I am going to do everything in my power to help keep the Manitoba government in place, to help keep the NDP in power in Manitoba."

NDP attack ad

Manitoba's ruling NDP unveiled its attack ad against the Progressive Conservatives at the NDP's annual convention Saturday. It refers to cuts the Tories made under former Premier Gary Filmon. (CBC )

Mulcair also took shots at Prime Minister Stephen Harper for tabling the federal budget during the winter Olympics, when many Canadians are watching games.

But the Tories aren't the only ones trying to capitalize on the games.

The provincial NDP also unveiled an attack ad against the Progressive Conservatives that will air on television during the Olympics.

Premier Greg Selinger's chief of staff, Liam Martin, said the hope is to reach as many viewers as possible.

The ad refers to cuts made during the tenure of former Progressive Conservative Gary Filmon, who lost to the NDP in 1999.

Martin defended the ad, saying that record is still relevant. 

"Everything in that ad is fact-checked and sourced," he said. "We are not making anything up. It is hard, cold facts that he has said and he is proud of that record. 

Martin said the ad, paid for by the party, costs $6,000 a day to run but he wouldn't say how long it will run for.