A Winnipeg man who was hailed as a "homeless hero" for rescuing people from the Red River twice in 2009 has been sentenced to four months behind bars for assault.

Faron Hall was sentenced to a total of five months in jail on Monday, after he was convicted of assault with a weapon and breaching probation.

Hall is receiving credit of two months and three weeks for time he already spent in custody.

He was hailed as a hero after he saved a 19-year-old boy from drowning in the icy and fast-moving Red River in May 2009.

Then in September 2009, Hall jumped into the same river a second time in the hopes of rescuing two friends he had been drinking with.

Hall helped one of his friends out of the river, but he was unable to save the other — a loss that Hall has said had a bigger impact on him emotionally than his heroic deeds.

On Monday, Hall apologized for his actions in court, saying he struggles with alcohol and it has been his coping mechanism.

Hall told the court that he suffers from grief, guilt and depression since his friend died in the September 2009 rescue.