Grain and cattle farmers near Lake Manitoba are still waiting on government compensation, after their land was deliberately flooded in 2011.

The province had promised a multi-year compensation package for property owners.

Farmers were paid in 2011, but have not received any money for 2012.

Federal Agriculture Minister, Gerry Ritz recently told a Manitoba broadcaster that the money may not come at all.

In an interview posted on the Siemens Says website, Ritz said Ottawa isn't prepared to pay for the one flood, twice.

Tom Teicherobe, is a rancher who has lost at least $80,000 in damage, and said he is frustrated with the news.

"The agriculture industry in this province is hurting enough already," said Teicherobe. "There's not nearly enough in this industry...this is not a good solution to solve this issue."

The province on the other hand can't come up with the money on its own.

Teicherobe said he wants the province to live up to its promise and thinks the federal government has a responsibility to help with funding.

"For the farmers and the ranchers that exist in this area, they'll have to make a very, very serious business choice and say 'Maybe I need to move, maybe I need to take my business out of this province'," he said.

Teicherobe said he fears if there is flooding this year, the situation will only get worse.