More and more Winnipeggers are signing up to get fresh vegetables from local farms delivered right to their door.

Nathan Steele’s business My Farmers’ Market sources local produce from farmers and fills delivery orders all over Winnipeg.

“My Farmers’ Market was started with the idea of creating a convenient model for healthy and whole foods. We wanted to really apply the model of fast food to something healthy and wholesome,” said Steele.

Nathan Steele My Farmers' Market

Nathan Steele and Colby Charles hold sample deliveries from My Farmers' Market for Winnipeg homes. (Alana Cole/CBC)

August marked Steele’s busiest month ever since he got into business last year.

Steele works seven days a week and had to hire an employee about a month ago to help meet the demand.

“Every sold case is a victory for us. If we get through a case of kale in four days, that’s a victory for us,” said Steele. “That’s what’s happening now. Finally!”

If Steele can’t find local, he buys certified organic, and customers use his website to place their orders.

“We have customers all over Winnipeg. The areas that are not in our same-day delivery, we go to once a week between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.,” said Steele.

Chrystal Neault-Lount said she’s happy she jumped on the bandwagon.

“We love knowing that we have fresh produce coming – organic, local – we know where everything is coming from,” said Neault-Lount.

Over the winter, Steele will be working with west coast producers to keep the business going, and delivery is available all year.