Winnipeg fans are standing by the Jets in spite of the team's failure to make the playoffs. 

Fan Darren Needham was at the game Thursday night. He said he hasn't given up on the team just yet.

"It's unfortunate but, I mean, they are a young team and I think we are just a couple players short of getting there next year," he said. "

[I'm] looking forward to next  year already."
jets fan

Jets fan Marli Sakiyama said the team has played well this year and made some good calls, in spite of missing the playoffs. (CBC)

Even though it's the third year in a row the Jets have missed the playoffs, Chris Cavell said they still deserve more time. 

"Winnipeg is always impatient when it comes to sports," he said. "What are you going to do? Just put your big boy pants on and sit and wait till we get over this hump."

Marli Sakiyama said the Jets played well this year and made some good calls.

jets fan

Laura Lough said Jets fans are behind the team and confident they will make the playoffs, eventually. (CBC)

"We have a great new coach and I think he is doing really well, and I think he is working the players really hard," she said. 

The Jets have four more games this season. They hit the road on Saturday to take on the Toronto Maple Leafs, another Canadian team unlikely to make the playoffs.