Family troubled by inmate's death

A family is seeking answers about the death of man who was a prisoner in a provincial jail.

A family is seeking answers about the death of man who was a prisoner in a provincial jail.

Donald Moose, 32, died Friday morning. He was an inmate in Headingley Correctional Centre, west of Winnipeg.

Family members told CBC News that Moose was healthy and that they had only recently learned he was not feeling well.

Moose was reportedly complaining Thursday night about having trouble breathing. The family was told two hours passed before Moose was transported to hospital for treatment.

The family also learned that Moose had suffered a cardiac arrest in hospital and had to be revived. However, he did not fully recover and died early Friday morning.

The family wants to know more about why it took two hours to get Moose to hospital. They are also upset that he died alone.

"I know for a fact that our phone numbers are on file," Louise Moose, the deceased man's sister, told CBC News on Friday. "Someone could have contacted us. You know, he didn't have to go alone."

The man's mother told CBC News she received a 4 a.m. phone call telling her that her son had died in hospital.

"I said, 'What's the matter with you guys?' " Meritta Moose told CBC News. "How come you didn't call me when my son was there?"

An official with Manitoba's Justice Ministry confirmed Friday that Moose was taken from the Headingley jail to Winnipeg's Grace Hospital.

The spokesperson said RCMP and the provincial medical examiner have been notified and will investigate.

Manitoba's Justice Ministry is also looking into the death.

Meritta Moose told CBC News that her son had been in jail since the beginning of summer and was serving time for breaching court orders.