power down

Jessica Paul is packing her bags after her apartment was left without heat when several Hydro poles were knocked over by snow clearing crews. (CBC)

It might still be hours before some people in St. James get power back after snow clearing crews knocked down a hydro pole causing the power to go out. 

About 100 customers have been without heat or electricity since late Friday night. 

Officials said the first downed pole, in the 400 block of Berry Street, caused a domino effect knocking over two more Hydro poles. 

"Well it wasn't as cold as it was outside, but it still did get a little chilly, like, wear some sweatpants some warm socks," said Jessica Paul who lives in the building. 

According to Environment Canada a wind chill warning for Winnipeg will make it feel more like -40 C to -45 C over the weekend. 

Some businesses in the area are also affected. 

A Hydro spokesman said people probably won't get power back until late Saturday afternoon.