With summer comes the obligatory and repeated slathering of sunscreen, but be sure to check the date on that bottle before next applying.

On Monday evening a Superstore on St. James Street was found to be selling expired sun block.

“If it is expired it probably won't be able to guarantee the level of protection [consumers] think they are getting, so it's a good idea that if you see it is expired that you throw it out,” said Elizabeth Harland with CancerCare Manitoba.

Skin cancer rates are on the rise in Canada, and while health professionals stress the public be mindful of purchasing sunscreen with an appropriate SPF rating, the sale of expired sunscreen isn’t always something on consumers' radars.

“If it expires they shouldn't sell it  must [be] a reason why it expires,” said Doug Rapko, who has a young son that spends time outdoors in the summer. “I don't want him to get a sunburn or cancer later on in life.”

Expired sunscreen

Debora Gonzalez said she thinks stores shouldn't sell expired sunscreen, she thinks parents also need to take responsibility and pay attention to sunscreen products they're purchasing for their kids.

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba said ethically the store should have removed the expired stock from its shelves and contacted those who bought it to offer them a refund or replacement.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Loblaws Supermarkets told CBC the Superstore retailer had confirmed it had removed all expired stock from local stores and said if customers purchased the expired stock they can return it.

Debora Gonzalez said she thinks stores shouldn't sell expired sunscreen, but parents need to take responsibility, too.

“If you are putting it on your kids, you should know what you are putting on your kids,” she said

Gonzalez said parents should be a conscious of what they’re buying and pay close attention to things like expiration dates on sunscreen.

“If they are trying to sell sunscreen, they should check the expiry date before they put it on the shelves, but you as a consumer should check it also,” she said.