A Winnipeg woman is upset her garbage and recycling were dumped into the same truck.

Tracy Feniuk watched as a crew with Emterra, the company contracted by the city to pick up residential trash and recycling, pitched the contents of both containers into the same truck at the same time — then continued to do it at her neighbours' homes.

It happened in the Brooklands neighbourhood Tuesday morning.

So Feniuk grabbed her video camera and started filming.

Now she wants answers from the city and Emterra.

"I'd like to see recycling actually happen because I know there's lots of people out there that do recycle and do take it seriously. I'd like to see the garbage company that's promising recycling do the same," she said.

"I'm a recycler and [this] kind of defeats the purpose. So I want something to be fixed about that."

The city has called it an isolated incident, adding the contractor has spoken to the crew Feniuk saw.

Emterra assured the city that the crew collected only garbage on the rest of the route.