Emergency crews close downtown section of Main Street

Winnipeg police and fire crews have closed down a section of Main Street downtown Saturday evening.

Underground fire causes manhole cover to blow at Higgins and Main

Winnipeg police and fire crews have sectioned off Main Street between Higgins Avenue and Logan Avenue. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

Winnipeg police and fire crews have closed a section of Main Street downtown Saturday evening.

Manitoba Hydro says underground power lines caught fire in the area just before 4 p.m. prompting the utility to cut off power.  1,400 customers have been affected.  Hydro says power should be restored by 9 p.m..

Southbound Main Street is closed from Higgins Avenue to Logan Avenue. Traffic lights were off from Higgins Avenue to Broadway between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

CBC Videographer Jeff Stapleton was on the scene and said area residents say a manhole cover blew off and that caused concern among emergency officials.

Stapleton was also told to move when crews expanded the area taped off with yellow police tape. He said fire crews told him they expanded the area because of high carbon monoxide readings.

Emergency crews were also seen earlier near the Bell Hotel on Main Street.

There had been no evacuations and no injuries reported as of 5 p.m.