Recycling fees will be added to the costs of certain electronic products that are sold in Manitoba starting in August.

What can I recycle?

  • Televisions.
  • Desktop computers and monitors.
  • Laptops, netbooks and tablets.
  • Desktop printers, scanners and fax machines.
  • Computer mice and keyboards.
  • Landline telephones.
  • Answering machines.
  • VCR, DVD, DVR, PVR, Blu-Ray and LaserDisc players.
  • Home and auto audio systems.
  • Countertop microwave ovens.
  • Portable radios and music players.

A full list can be found on Electronic Product Recycling Association Manitoba's website.

The environmental handling fees will cover the costs of recycling the electronics later, says Dennis Neufeld of Electronic Product Recycling Association Manitoba.

The fees, which will range from less than $1 to about $23, will come into effect Aug. 1.

Neufeld said the fees are part of a new e-waste program in which residents and businesses can drop off their end-of-life electronics, free of charge, at several locations.

"We encourage people, if there [are] items that you have, you should give it to charities or to friends or family," Neufeld told CBC News.

"But at the end of the life of electronics, that is where we come in and that is our job to look after that item."

Neufeld said the new program allows Manitoba businesses as well as individuals to drop off their old electronics.

"Cellphones have their own program, but non-cellular phones can be done through our programs," he said.

Neufeld said the provincewide program also covers "TVs, all display items, computers, laptops, telephones, alarm clocks. Microwaves are also included."