Egyptian-Canadians, including those living in Winnipeg, are keeping a close eye on the growing crisis in Egypt.

Many Egyptians in Canada are worrying about loved ones and calling for a peaceful solution, regardless of their political stance.

"It's just gone crazy over there," Mohammed El-Gendy of the Egyptian Students Association told CBC News on Friday.

"I'm very, very worried about the situation. We don't know how is it going to go, what's going to happen, how is this situation [going to] settle down. People are getting killed."

On Wednesday, riot police dissolved two sit-in protests staged by ousted president Mohammed Morsi's supporters in Cairo. During the confrontation, 638 people died.

The deaths prompted more protests, causing the military to impose a state of emergency and month-long nighttime curfew.

Angered by this decision, more Muslim Brotherhood supporters flocked to Cairo's streets Friday for a so-called day of rage. As many as 60 people have reportedly been killed so far on Friday.

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