East Kildonan residents are steamed after nearly a metre of ice and snow was left piled up in their back lane after a plow passed through.


Massive windrows were left behind in East Kildonan after a plow came through. Residents aren't happy about the difficult-to-move piles. (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

A city plow left behind more than 90 centimetres of piled up snow after it passed through a backlane between Chelsea and Bronx Avenues recently

“I was overwhelmed! I didn’t know what to think,” said 84-year-old Peter Marusehek, who woke up to the massive windrow. “My thought was, ‘What idiot advised some snow plow operator to come and do this?’”

Resident Linda Pohl had the same problem.

“You don’t want to know what I was thinking,” said Pohl. “The chunks of snow and ice were huge, so I couldn’t even shovel them.”

Marusehek filed a complaint with 311, but the city’s public work policy states they’re not responsible for clearing windrows.

“Windrows of plowed snow across entrances to private yards resulting from back lane plowing operations shall not be removed,” the policy states.

Marusehek said it never should’ve been plowed in the first place. He said before the plow came through, the lane was perfectly passable.

“It was a waste of taxpayer money to plow it, number one, and certainly a waste of money to plow it to the pavement,” he said.