'There was a certain chemistry that kind of worked immediately and it's developed since then.' - Dominique Lemoine

There is a lot about the Eagle Lake Owls that is sparse. Even the album cover displays what appears to be a lone eagle perched on a branch, hovering over a mass of water.

The six songs on their second self-titled EP are also sparse. These musicians use space between the notes in a creative, effective way.

"We like to err on the side of less when we can," said lead singer/guitarist Andy Cole. "Sometimes we've worked with other musicians and usually we have to tell them to not be so good....Sometimes what doesn't happen makes more of an impact on the sound."

Joining Cole are Nathan Krahn on cello and multi-instrumentalist Dominique Lemoine. Eagle Lake Owls are making a name for themselves with their striking vocals and tasteful instrumentation.

Eagle Lake Owls

Album cover for latest EP by Eagle Lake Owls (Toby Gillies)

Lead singer Andy Cole moved to Winnipeg three years ago from Timmins, Ont. He eventually came across Dominique Lemoine.

"I went to every show that I could when I first got here, just to meet people. Then I'd track them down on Facebook. I was new in town and wanted to meet musicians," he recalled.

Lemoine says their 'sound' was evident from the get-go.  

"There was a certain chemistry that kind of worked immediately and it's developed since then, especially with the addition of Nathan," she explained..  

"The cello was a nice addition that came a little later when it was originally just me and Dominique putting the songs together," said Cole. 

"That kind of tied it together. The cello is very evocative. It can really paint a picture in your mind. And when our thing is about being sparse, it's kind of nice to have an instrument that can be up front like that but just add something into the background."

The Eagle Lake Owl EP release party is at the Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club on Saturday May 24. They will be joined by Micah Erenberg. Before the release, you can hear Andy Cole and Dominique Lemoine in conversation with host Bruce Ladan on SCENE on May 17. SCENE airs every Saturday from 5 - 6 p.m. on CBC Radio One, 89.3 FM/990 AM/97.9 FM in Brandon.