It was a painful demonstration to make a point about workplace safety.

Safe Work Manitoba showed reporters how quickly a nail gun could shoot through a pair of non-protective glasses.

And what it would be like to fall without the proper gear in place. 

The agency which works with Workplace Safety and Health and the Workers Compensation Board to prevent workplace injuries rolled out a new mobile unit that will travel to businesses, work sites and schools to demonstrate safety hazards and how to protect workers. 

Chief Operating Officer Jamie Hall said it's an innovative way to improve safety and reduce injuries.

safe work manitoba

Non-protective glasses were no match for a nail gun at a demonstration by Safe Work Manitoba Friday. (CBC)

"Successfull companies understand that investing in safety is a far better investment than the cost of injuries," he said. "And this is one of the ways we can help."

Hall said the mobile unit is already booked for the rest of September and all of October.