Adam Langan, the 30-year-old driver who killed an elderly woman in Winnipeg in a car crash, has been sentenced to 54 months in prison, minus 17 months he has already served in custody.

Judge Kelly Moar said Langan committed the "ultimate offence" of taking someone's life.

“It is not any life that you took; it was the life of Miss Doreen Chaikowsky," said Moar.

Langan's sentencing was livestreamed from court Thursday afternoon. It was the first time an accused was shown on camera in a Manitoba courtroom.

Adam Langan sentence

Adam Langan, 30, was speeding down McPhillips Street when his pickup truck slammed into another truck, causing a chain reaction that killed 71-year-old Doreen Chaikowsky. (CBC)

As Moar handed down the sentence, he noted that Langan chose not to say anything to Doreen Chaikowsky's family.

“It was potentially a lost opportunity for you to show your desire to seek rehabilitation by personally addressing those who you have harmed,” said Moar. “Such an opportunity will never present itself again to you and it's a lost opportunity in my view.”

Moar described Chaikowsky as a "vibrant and active lady who was dearly involved with her family."

"She was the oldest of 10 siblings and was deeply involved in the lives of her two sons," said Moar. "She took every precaution to ensure their safety and held out that responsibility for the entirety of her life.”

Three other people were injured in the crash that took Chaikowsky's life.

Langan pleaded guilty earlier this month to impaired driving causing death after a pickup truck he was driving triggered a multi-vehicle pileup on McPhillips Street in August 2013.

Court was told at Langan's sentencing hearing on July 25 that he was drunk and high on cocaine at the time of the collision. He was driving at a speed of 123 kilometres an hour — more than double the posted limit of 60 km/h.

Langan later pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death, and in return the Crown stayed charges of impaired driving causing bodily harm and refusing a breath or drug evaluation.

The Crown and the defence jointly recommended a 4½-year sentence for Langan, but defence lawyer Brett Gladstone asked the court to grant Langan enhanced credit for the 11 months he has served in custody.

Gladstone said his client is sorry for what he's done and wants to go to a residential treatment facility for alcohol and drug abuse.

Langan will serve another 37 months and once he's released will not be allowed to drive for 10 years.