What started as custom rides for a Winnipeg man's kids and their friends have turned into a business that's bringing a new trend — drift trikes — to the city.

Also known as drift cycles, drift trikes have a large front wheel and smaller rear wheels and are designed to coast down hills and on roads.

Drift trikes Winnipeg

Marcus Walker, left, Andee Gold, Matthew Walker, Breanna Walker and Jordan Van Hussen show off drift trikes that were built by Todd Van Hussen. (Alana Cole/CBC)

The trikes have appeared in online videos around the world, and now a few of them are on the streets of Winnipeg thanks to Todd Van Hussen.

Van Hussen, who has been building things his whole life, put together drift trikes for his children and their friends, using bicycle parts, wheels, and even seats from Ikea.

He also added pedals to the trikes so that users can drift without hills.

"It took me a probably few weeks of just thinking about it and then I just grabbed some old bikes, a Sawzall and a grinder and started cutting them and just put them together," he said Thursday.

Van Hussen's drift trikes were a hit, and he started Drift Psycho Custom Bikes and Drift Trikes.

"People have been like stopping the kids on the street and wondering where they got them from," he said.

Todd Van Hussen

Todd Van Hussen says he has been getting a variety of requests for his drift trikes, so he started Drift Psycho Custom Bikes and Drift Trikes. (Alana Cole/CBC)

"My neighbour was getting oxygen delivered to her house and the guy that delivers that is like, 'Yeah, I want one for my kid' and he called me two weeks later."

Van Hussen said he's testing his trikes to make sure they are durable, and then he will figure out prices.

His son, Jordan Van Hussen, said the drift trikes are catching people's attention.

"People see us riding them, but when they see us drifting them their eyes just go, like, crazy. It's like so much fun," the 16-year-old said.

Another friend, Andee Gold said, "Whoever sees them wants them, pretty much. It's like everyone likes them."