A downtown Winnipeg apartment complex is promising to step up security following a string of vandalism and disturbances that has at least one tenant fed up.

The building manager at Place Promenade told CBC News there has been an escalation of vandals and drunk people inside the building this winter, so an extra security officer will be assigned.

"There's graffiti on the walls, there's plants in the elevator," tenant Danielle Grant told CBC News on Thursday.

"The police has been called here several times to take people out, and it's just non-ending. You don't know what to expect from day to day."

In addition to the extra security guard, there will soon be around-the-clock patrol shifts at Place Promenade, and a 24-hour video surveillance system will be operational by the end of this month, the manager said.

But tenants like Grant say that's still not enough.

"No one in their right mind would lease this place with the ongoing concerns here," Grant said.

"I mean, I would have never signed a another year's lease if I [had] known it was this bad. I will be leaving after my lease is up next November."