The president and CEO of Domino's Pizza of Canada, Michael Schlater, donated $2 million on Monday to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

"I'm proud to return home to Winnipeg where it all started," Schlater said. The philanthropist now lives in Ontario.

Schlater opened the first Domino's location outside the United States, in his hometown of Winnipeg, Man. in 1983, said a news release.

"Winnipeg was the birthplace of our business internationally, but it was the Children's Hospital that played an active role in my life," he said.

Lawrence Prout, president and CEO of the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, said he is "grateful and humbled" by Schlater's donation.

"On behalf of the sick children and their families, the doctors, researchers, nurses and allied professionals, we thank Mr. Schlater, his wife Lilibeth and their family for their on-going commitment to help sick and injured children in the province," said Prout in a release.

Schlater's late daughter is among the many patients who have been treated at the Children's Hospital over the years.

"I'm grateful for the medical help that my daughter received," said Schlater.

"Although she's not with us today, the care, compassion and professionalism by all the staff at the Children's Hospital left a strong impression upon me."