She’s always loved nature and water. And she loves yoga.

So when no one else was offering yoga classes on water, she made it happen. Hot yoga instructor Ashley Bourgeois introduced SUP yoga to Winnipeggers last week.

SUP Yoga is yoga done on a stand-up paddleboard. The appeal is all about being in nature and practising your yoga moves to the rhythm of water.

Ashley Bourgeois

Ashley Bourgeois teaches yoga on land and now, on water. (Shadow Vanhouten)

Ashley Bourgeois decided to give it a try in Winnipeg.  Her classes run 75 minutes and have all filled up in advance so far.

"Because you are on the water, you have to work different stabilizing muscles to hold your pose," she explained. "It’s easier in other ways because there are different muscles at play."

She says she was surprised and delighted at the response.

"I didn’t expect the childlike nature to come out in people," she said. "We all need to unplug a bit more. We’re always on the go these days."

"When we go to a studio we’re on auto pilot," she continued. " Everyone has on their 'yoga face'. Here you have to let all of that go. I had a student who couldn’t hold plank on land. But she can do it on water."

Bourgeois maintains that anyone and everyone can do SUP yoga. Her classes range from beginner to mellow to bliss.

Ashley Bourgeois teaches SUP yoga at Adrenaline Adventures and also in St. Malo and Kenora, Ont.. Hear her on Information Radio with Marcy Markusa on Wednesday morning at 6:10 a.m.