A family who lost their dog they shipped all the way from South America has been reunited with the pooch after nearly a week of searching.

Lourdes Villa’s golden retriever, Talia, was shipped from Colombia to surprise Villa’s daughter, Carolina.

Carolina and Talia

Lourdes and Carolina Villa enjoy time with Talia, their golden retriever who ran away and was later found. ( Lois Reid/CBC)

But after it was home for only a short time, it bolted out the back door while under the supervision of family friend and MLA Jim Maloway on Dec. 27.

The family quickly launched searches for the animal but didn’t turn up anything.

Then, on Thursday, the family got a tip a woman had found the dog.

After a frantic hour or so, the pair met up with Lois Reid, who had found the dog wandering near the Louise Bridge and brought her home.

Villa brought the dog to a veterinary clinic to confirm it was in fact Talia.

Now, the family is overjoyed to have her back. 

Talia did have some frostbite on her paws, but so far vets say it appears she is OK.