A Doberman Pinscher depressed after losing her litter has become an enthusiastic surrogate mom for six orphaned Boxer pups whose own mother died last week.

Gigi, Lynn White's Doberman, gave birth to a pair of puppies a couple of weeks ago but they died shortly after birth. Gigi was despondent, stopped eating and had to be force fed. "She was very depressed. She loved her babies," said White. 

At the same time Taylor, a Boxer belonging to Lynn's friend Bev Pope, had a difficult pregnancy and died two hours after giving birth to six healthy Boxer pups. They were suddenly motherless.

"We decided we would try to put the foster puppies with the Doberman," said White.

"It worked out fabulously. She took to the puppies right way and it was like a match made in heaven."

The six Boxer puppies came to live with Gigi four days ago. Suddenly Gigi perked up — almost as if she had a reason to live again, according to White. She immediately took to cleaning the pups and feeding them — although White had to express milk from Gigi to ensure the pups could continue to feed. "It's so important the puppies have the interaction with the mom. It doesn't always work out. Sometimes the mom just refuses," White said.

This weekend, the puppies and their new mom are going to live for a couple of weeks at Bev's house, an hour outside of Brandon. All are doing well.