Do you think Manitobans get enough paid vacation time?

A new survey has found Canadians want more time for holidays.

New study finds Canadians want 30 days paid vacation time, let us know what you think

Canadians get, on average, 15 days of paid vacation, ranking them third last among economically advanced countries. (Associated Press)

A new survey has found Canadians want more time for holidays.

Right now, the Canadian average is three weeks or 15 days — ranking Canada third last among economically advanced countries in the amount of paid vacation time guaranteed to its workers.

In France, the average amount of vacation time is 30 days, and in the United Kingdom, it’s 28 days.

A new survey by found working Canadians wanted between 25 and 30 days of vacation.

So CBC’s Information Radio asked a panel of Winnipeggers, should Canada double the amount of paid vacation days we get in a year?

Joanne Rodriguez owns Rogue Tattoo and Piercing on Corydon Avenue. She said she currently doesn't get any vacation days. She said if she did, she’d be happy with the amount the average Canadian gets.

"I just think the 17 days that on average Canadians get is super, that they're lucky. I'm jealous that they get that," said Rodriguez.

Laksh Khatter works as a learning and change consultant at the University of Manitoba.  He thinks the extra time would actually save Canada money in the long run.

"I think there's a lot more in for in terms of vacation time than just money — work life balance, ability to enjoy family time, and we can't quantify that with money," he said. "One way or the other we're going to have to pay. Either we pay by giving them time off, or we pay when the health care costs."

Nathalie Gautier is originally from the south of France, but now owns L'epi de Blé bakery on Main Street. She’s not convinced 30 days of vacation would be good for Canada.

"If you go to France, especially in August, everything is closed. The France is dead, and the economy is not so good," she said.

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