A homeowner near the Disraeli overpass wants compensation for damage she claims was caused by construction of the new bridge.

North Point Douglas homeowner Georgia Wood has cracks in the walls and windows of her home — damage she says was caused by vibrations from the bridge construction.

"I'm afraid the chimney is going to fall right through the ceiling," said Wood. "The whole kitchen has to be rebuilt and underpinned. I'm so tired of it. I'm just done with the whole situation. I'm embarrassed. My house is embarrassing."

Wood says she's getting the run around from city officials and the bridge construction company, PCL, who deny they are responsible for the damage. Wood says an engineer with PCL's insurance company told her the damage was caused by the dry weather.

North Point Douglas city councillor Ross Eadie has met with Wood, and says both the City of Winnipeg and PCL have let her down.

He says both are hiding behind the public-private partnership between the city and the construction company.

"We went and transferred all the responsibility to this corporation who doesn't seem to care about residents," Eadie told CBC News.

CBC's calls to PCL on Monday were not returned.

Eadie says he intends to take Wood's concerns to a meeting at Winnipeg CIty Hall this Wednesday.