Customers of a Winnipeg Zellers store say they are concerned about finding a pile of over the counter pharmaceuticals available for sale with deeply discounted prices.

"We thought, is this okay?" Ashleigh Grey, said after seeing the products available for 90 per cent off. "Can people walk in and buy how much they want because obviously there's a danger to that."

The products, sold as cold remedies, are made with an ingredient, pseudo-ephedrine, which can be used to make an illicit drug called crystal meth.

Manitoba has rules to control the sale of cold remedies, which require pharmacists to keep products containing pseudo-ephedrine near to their counters, monitor who is buying the product and, in some circumstance, limit purchases to small amounts.

However, at the Zellers store, it was possible to get 20 cartons of medicine for $13.

The Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association was contacted by CBC News and responded that they would be in contact with the store.

"When we hear about something like this we want to correct the situation," Susan Lessard-Friesen, from the association, said Friday.

Zellers has since removed the items altogether and a spokesperson for the company said they were sorry for what happened and they were investigating the situation.

With files from Gosia Sawicka