A diesel fuel spill on the south Perimeter Highway on Wednesday prompted RCMP and highway officials to close a portion of the major route.

Cpl. Larry Dalman said the highway patrol was rerouting traffic in eastbound lanes between Highway 59 and Gunn Road. The incident happened at about 4 p.m. CT.

"A semi that had just recently filled his tanks with diesel fuel was driving on the Perimeter highway and hit something that was left on the roadway which bounced up and punctured the diesel tank which then emptied out most of the diesel on the roadway," Dalman said.

Sgt. Line Karpish said it appears the truck hit a piece of metal that ruptured the fuel tank. She didn't say how much fuel was spilled.

The section of the highway was expected to be closed for several hours as crews cleaned up the spill.

Motorists were being diverted into the city by way of Highway 59, but were advised to avoid the area.

RCMP said they expected to have traffic restored to normal by about 7 p.m.