Diesel shortage shuts down fuel pumps

A diesel shortage in Manitoba has dried several pumps in and around Winnipeg.
Semi-trailers pull in for Tuesday at the Flying J Travel Plaza just west of Winnipeg. (Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC)

A diesel shortage in Manitoba has dried several pumps in and around Winnipeg.

And the supply at a major trucking station on the Trans-Canada Highway just outside the city is running low, forcing it to put a limit on the amount drivers can put in their tanks.

A Petro-Canada station in Winnipeg has a sign posted on its diesel pumps, telling customers the supply is dry. ((Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC))

For the past 10 days, there has been a major shortage of diesel across the Prairies due to a fire and explosion at a Regina refinery as well as problems at Suncor operations near Edmonton.

Toronto trucker Mike Gondosch said he had been warned about the diesel shortage.

"Dispatch told us when we left Ontario to make sure we keep it topped up," he said. "They're only going to allow you 250 litres, if they have fuel at all."

The manager of the Flying J Travel Plaza in Headingley, west of Winnipeg, told CBC News he typically receives seven double-tanker trucks of fuel every day. Lately, he's been lucky to get one.

On Tuesday, some of his tanks finally ran dry and he's been told the refinery problems are not expected to be fixed until late next week.

He's limiting each fill to 250 litres to stretch out the supply as long as possible.