Five members of the Canadian military are deciding if one of their peers is guilty of manslaughter on a Manitoba military base.

Deliberations are underway in the court-martial of former Manitoba soldier Paul Ravensdale.

Ravensdale is facing six charges associated with a fatal mine explosion in Afghanistan, including manslaughter and negligence.

In 2010, an explosion killed Cpl. Joshua Baker and wounded four other officers.

Ravensdale was leading a test of anti-personnel mines on a weapons range when the accident happened.

A weapon misfired and sent steel balls flying into the platoon conducting the test.

Ravensdale was in charge of that exercise. It is alleged that he violated a number of safety procedures before the fatal explosion by letting other soldiers stand too close to the mine without being in a dugout or under cover.

A five-member panel of military personnel received their final instructions Wednesday from the military judge presiding over the case.

Another office court-martialed in connection with the incident, Maj. Darryl Watts, was found guilty of negligence and unlawfully causing bodily harm at a Calgary court martial in Dec. 2012.