The Plessis Road construction delays could cost taxpayers another $5 million.

Winnipeg could be on the hook for more than $5 million because of construction delays on the Plessis Road extension in Transcona.

Coun. Russ Wyatt said the delays are due to a dispute over how much money CN Rail should contribute to the construction.

“We’ve had some challenges with the railway,” said Wyatt. “CN is an extremely important partner in this process, and we’re hoping that they can put any differences aside and come to the table and assist us.”

Wyatt said CN should contribute 15 per cent of the $77 million extension, which will see two lanes of traffic open on Plessis by the end of 2014 and the full project complete by late 2015.

The city could go to a federal arbitrator to decide how much CN should pay, but Wyatt said he doesn't want it to go that far.

If CN and the city do come to an agreement and the project is complete by 2015, it will be nine months behind schedule.