It wasn't eight tiny reindeer. But it was a deer. 

At first, Erin Cathcart Rose thought someone was just coming home late at her house in Kenora, Ont. 

When she got up to check, she couldn't believe it. 

A deer had climbed onto the roof of her home and was munching on a tree top. Again.

deer roof

The snow reaches up to the roof of Erin Cathcart Rose's garage. (Erin Cathcart Rose)

On Wednesday, Cathcart Rose said she kept getting messages from friends on Facebook after someone posted a picture of a deer on her roof.

This time, she saw it for herself.

"I thought maybe my daughter had come home late from work and just was being rather loud," she told CBC Radio Noon's Marilyn Maki. "And I come out and there's nobody here and I remembered the deer being posted on Facebook, so I immediately ran outside, I had to literally shoo it off my roof."

Cathcart Rose said the snow was piled up so high against the garage, it allowed the animal to trot onto the roof of her garage, and then onto the house. 

deer roof

Deer tracks go right up to the top of Erin Cathcart Rose's garage. (Erin Cathcart Rose)

She said the deer was pretty calm about the whole affair. 

"I was half asleep obviously, at 1:30 in the morning, and I'm like, 'Get off my roof!'" she said. "And I started yelling at it to get off and it just came down like, nonchalantly."

Cathcart Rose said her job is now to dig out the snow to keep the deer from climbing up on the roof again. 
She is worried it might fall through.