A glimpse or photo of Canadian musician legend David Foster was all Lisa Windsor was hoping for when she snuck into a gala at the RBC Convention Centre Tuesday.

The 16-time Grammy Award-winning musician and record producer was in Winnipeg to accept the Asper School of Business's International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award.

Windsor, a singer, said she tagged along with her father, who was in charge of video production for the event.

"I really just wanted to get a glimpse of David Foster," she said. "He's behind all of my heroes, all of their big hits ... and just the careers he's helped launch — Josh Grobin, Michael Bublé, Céline Dion — it's insane."

Before the dinner got underway, one of the event organizers introduced Windsor to Foster.

The pair talked for a few minutes and took a photo together.

Windsor still can't believe what happened next.

Foster took the stage to tell the story behind his 40-year career in the international music industry. 

Then he decided to have some fun. 

'I couldn't believe this was happening'

He told the crowd a woman in the audience who said she was a singer introduced herself to him earlier in the evening. Foster then called her on stage to show everyone what she's got.  

"I'm at the back of the room and I stopped breathing," Windsor said. "I couldn't believe this was happening. I don't even remember walking up to the stage."

Foster hopped on the piano and asked Windsor what she wanted to sing. The only song that came to her mind was A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin, she said.

"All of a sudden I was singing and it was fabulous," she said.

'I stopped breathing': Winnipegger invited to sing with music legend David Foster2:15

Jaws dropped in the crowd of roughly 1,000 as Windsor began belting out the lines. Foster even whipped his head around, seemingly shocked by Windsor's powerful voice.

"It was the most surreal thing, performing with an idol," Windsor said.

It didn't stop there. Foster told Windsor to take his seat at the front before calling on her again to close the event with one last song. 

"It was like playing hockey with Wayne Gretzky. These things don't happen."