A Winnipeg record store owner says he was inundated with inquiries about what classic David Bowie material he had in stock following the death of the British performer on Jan. 11.

"Obviously it's huge news, but when Michael Jackson died or Frank Sinatra died, I didn't come across a scenario where I ran into fans everywhere singing, a cappella, their songs — it didn't happen," said Jeff Bishop, owner of the Sound Exchange on Portage Avenue.

"I've only ever noticed it for Elvis, John Lennon, George Harrison and now, David Bowie."

Bishop said after the gender-bending, genre-hopping performer died on Monday, a high volume of calls came in for Bowie vinyl. But there was also an unexpected pattern to the requests.

"Instantly I started getting calls for David Bowie music in my store, but not exclusively by David — [for] other artists covering his music," Bishop said.

Bishop compiled a list of some of those Bowie cover music requests, and they are…