Manitoba RCMP are treating the death of a Dauphin man as suspicious, after his remains were found near the community this week.


Travis Bilay had been missing since Jan. 1. His remains were found on May 7 on a rural property southwest of Dauphin, according to RCMP. (Manitoba Crime Stoppers)

Travis Bilay, 23, had been missing since Jan. 1. Family members and friends tried unsuccessfully to locate him.

Bilay's remains were found on a rural property southwest of Dauphin on Tuesday, RCMP announced on Friday.

Police say they are treating his death as suspicious, but did not give any further information about the investigation.

"We've heard a lot of different things, like he was found — I mean, this kid's been found all over the place — some say he was alive, some say he was dead. And now we get some closure," his mother, Margaret Bilay, told CBC News.

"It's been so long, I've already sort of figured something like this already had happened," she added. "I guess I had hopes, but [the] reality is it's been a long time."

Travis Bilay had been arrested for trafficking marijuana in August 2012 as part of Project Damper, an RCMP investigation targeting the drug trade in western Manitoba.

Ten other people were charged with drug trafficking as part of the investigation.