Current MLA: None. New riding.

Riding profile: Dauphin was a provincial electoral division that was first created in 1881 with the expansion of the province's western boundary.

It was eliminated in 1886, re-established in 1892, and finally abolished in 1999. Most of its territory went to the new riding of Dauphin-Roblin, though a small amount went to the riding of Swan River.

Now, through redistribution of boundaries in 2008, Dauphin-Roblin has been changed back to Dauphin.

It is located in the west of the province, with its western boundary being the Saskatchewan border.

Includes the communities of Dauphin, Roblin, Gilbert Plains, Grandview and Valley River Reserve. It also includes Sainte-Rose-du-Lac, which, before 2008, was located in the riding formerly called Ste. Rose. 

Voter turnout in Dauphin-Roblin

  • 2007: 60.49 per cent
  • 2003: 62.22 per cent
  • 1999: 72.54 per cent


Stan Struthers, NDP 

  • NDP incumbent from Dauphin-Roblin.
  • Minister of agriculture, food and rural Initiatives.


Population: 19,635

Average family income: $56,000

Unemployment: 5.5 per cent

  • First elected in Dauphin-Roblin in 1995, and re-elected ever since.
  • Has also been minister of conservation.
  • Has been a member of several legislative committees.
  • Has a bachelor of arts from Brandon University and masters of education from the University of Manitoba.
  • Lives in Dauphin with wife Michelle and son.


Lloyd James McKinney, PC Party

  • Born in Waskada to a farming family.
  • Now lives in Roblin with his wife, Lucille.
  • Teacher by profession, with an education degree from Brandon University.
  • Formerly a professional hockey player in Denmark and England.
  • Currently the owner of Harvest Moon Inn and Suites in Roblin.


Tamela Friesen, Green Party

  • Born and raised in Alberta.
  • Has a bachelor of arts degree in religion from Canadian Bible College in Regina.
  • After moving to Winnipeg, she spent five years with St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry, three as community development coordinator.
  • Moved to Roblin five years ago, where she manages a small market garden operation, growing organic vegetables and selling them at local farmers' markets.


Sisay Tessema, Liberal

  •  Has put his name forward to be a candidate in Dauphin even though he is not originally from the area.
  • Works in the transportation/delivery business.
  • Is a father with three children.
  • Enjoys many sports.


Results from 2007 provincial election (Dauphin-Roblin)



Total votes

Percentage of votes cast

 Stan Struthers




 Lloyd McKinney

PC Party



 Yarko Petryshyn





Political history

  • 2003: Stan Struthers (NDP) defeated PC Bill Griffin by 1,623 votes.
  • 1999: Stan Struthers (NDP) defeated PC Lorne Boguski by 1,595 votes.
  • 1995: Stan Struthers (NDP) defeated PC Gord Ryz by 793 votes.
  • 1990: John Plohman (NDP) defeated PC Martin Bidzinski by 1,378 votes.
  • 1988: John Plohman (NDP) defeated PC Russell Secord by 548 votes.
  • 1986: John Plohman (NDP) defeated PC Erv Tycholis by 1,765 votes.
  • 1981: John Plohman (NDP) defeated incumbent PC Jim Galbraith by 636 votes.
  • 1977: Jim Galbraith (PC) defeated incumbent NDP Peter Burtniak by 260 votes.
  • 1973: Peter Burtniak (NDP) defeated PC Art Rampton by 999 votes.
  • 1969: Peter Burtniak (NDP) defeated PC incumbent Stewart McLean (elected in 1958, 1959, 1962, 1966) by 41 votes after a recount.