A Winnipeg man has died while serving a prison sentence at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert.

Daniel James Tokarchuk died on Wednesday, according to Correctional Service Canada, though the agency did not release information on what happened.

Emergency services were called and Tokarchuk was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead at 4:24 a.m.

Daniel James Tokarchuk

Daniel James Tokarchuk died while serving his sentence in a Saskatchewan penitentiary. (CBC Archives)

The 44-year-old man had been serving an indeterminate sentence since Dec. 16, 2004, for second-degree murder, mischief and failure to comply with a court appearance.

He was convicted for the May 2002 murder of Trevor Savoie, his former associate in the Zig Zag Crew, a Hells Angels feeder gang. Tokarchuk claimed the shooting was in self-defence but the jury ultimately rejected that defence.

His brother, Kevin, died in 2003 after being shot in the head in the family garage on Churchill Drive. The killing happened one year to the day after Savoie's killing and police said they believed that shooting was a revenge killing.

However, no one has ever been arrested or charged with the shooting.

As in all cases involving the death of an inmate, the police and the coroner have been notified of Daniel Tokarchuk's death. Correctional Service Canada is reviewing the incident.