Four Winnipeggers are vying to represent the Daniel MacIntyre ward at city hall this fall, an area plagued by prostitution.

Outreach worker Tanya McFadyen said resources in the West End community aren’t enough to help the women who need it.

“After 5 p.m., on the weekends … [that is] when women really need us in the community,” said McFadyen, who works with the West-Central Women's Resource Centre. “The West End is one of the poorest communities in the county and yet there is only one women’s centre.”

Last year, Winnipeg police announced a shift in how they would deal with women and young girls in the city’s sex trade.

Officers said they would no longer be arresting sex trade workers. Instead, they put the target on johns and focused on helping women stay safe or get out of the business altogether.

Now, CBC has asked the four candidates running for city council in the ward what they would do to address the issue if elected.

Keith Bellamy wants increased police presence

“I want to be really clear. If I’m the councillor for this area and you are coming to prey on the children in this part of town, get lost. We don’t want you here. You’re going to be arrested promptly, swiftly and harshly.”

John Cardoso says education needed

"I think it's the education process that needs to be revamped at the school level,” he said. “Also families need to get more together and talk about it."

Cindy Gilroy wants input from the area

"We really need to have a community that can figure out what those solutions are, and we need to discuss that with members of the community. I mean, people who are affected by it day-to-day, they know what's going on."

Incumbent Coun. Harvey Smith wants city-level leadership

“I’ve done everything I can, but when the mayor is silent and all his supporters on council are silent, it’s a wall that’s difficult to pierce.”