When D'Arcy Johnston walked into the animal rescue shelter he runs on Tuesday morning he was shocked to find broken glass and missing medication.

"We noticed glass on the floor and knew that something was wrong," Johnston said.

The person who broke into D'Arcy's ARC Animal Rescue Centre on the 700 block of Century St, smashed two windows, a door and walked right past a jar of donations, Johnston said.

Instead, they rummaged through closets and cupboards.

"They stole all of our medication and medical supplies," Johnston said on CBC Radio's Up To Speed on Tuesday afternoon.

"Obviously that's what they were looking for."

There are no major controlled substances on site, Johnston said, but the thief took all of the de-worming tablets, eye drops and heartworm medication.

They also took the animals' pain medication. 

"[The animals] come to the shelter to be rescued and then somebody breaks in and takes all the medication that they actually need," Johnston said.

"It's just sad and frustrating that this would happen."

 D'Arcy's ARC Animal Rescue Centre

The CEO of D'Arcy's ARC says a thief climbed up a wall to break through this window early Tuesday morning. (Tyson Koschik/CBC)

The animal rescue runs on a tight budget and now will need to replace the damaged windows, door and about $1,000 worth of medication. Particularly with the spring season bringing in a lot of pregnant animals, Johnston said the robbery has really set the shelter back.

"Our budget is very tight and very strict right now," he said.

Johnston said many people have already reached out to help and he is calling for donations to help get medication for the animals and to help the shelter get by while they file their insurance claim.

"It's nice that we have community support," he said. 

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