Cyclists, pedestrians asked to weigh in on active transportation

Winnipeggers will be able to review draft recommendations the city has developed to encourage walking and cycling.

City says growth of cycling in Winnipeg is second only to Toronto

Winnipeggers will be able to review draft recommendations on the city's hopes to encourage walking and cycling.

The city is holding an open house at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People at the Forks Saturday. 

The city has collected input from 2,200 Winnipeggers who took part in a telephone and voluntary online survey.

It has also held a workshop with people from education, tourism, health and business communities, among others, as well as community groups including new Canadians.

Mark Cohoe of Bike Winnipeg said Winnipeg has come a long way to improving cycling infrastructure, doubling the network of paths since 2006 from 175 kilometres to 392 km. 

But he said the city still has a long way to go, and he's glad officials recognize that. 

"The underpass at Pembina and Jubilee definitely needs some improvement," he said. "Now it is planned as part of the project that is moving forward with rapid transit and the Pembina underpass."

Cohoe said Pembina Highway itself also still needs work. 

"Up and down Pembina, winter snow clearing has been an issue," he said. "I think we need to get some better plans in place for that."

Curtis Walker, a cyclist, told city planners there's good and bad about what's been done so far.

"What the city seems to be doing is making good routes better, but not improving getting around trouble points," he said, referring to the Jubilee Underpass.

Others, like Kenton Lobe, said they were pleased with the city's improvements to cycling infrastructure.

"Like the cycling lane that is going onto Sherbrook," he said. "When we cycle with our kids, you really notice the dedicated bike lanes. You just feel a lot safer, getting them onto the road, when you are not having to worry about cars."

The city said cycling is the fastest growing transportation choice in the city, and Winnipeg’s growth in cycling is second only to Toronto in Canada.

The open house was between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People. 

The feedback will be compiled into a report that will go before city council this summer.