After riding more than 2,000 kilometres in just two weeks—powering through all of the bumps, bruises and butt soreness that entailed—a group of Manitoba cyclists have made their way back home.

Cycle of Hope, an annual Habitat for Humanity fundraiser, started in Niagara Falls in early July. In total, 49 riders and a support crew of 10 people journeyed west together, raising $226,000 along the way.

CBC's Leslie McLaren took part in the ride. She said it was a gruelling physical test for all involved.

Cycle of Hope, Winnipeg

CBC's Leslie McLaren (left) participated in the Cycle of Hope event. (Michel Saba/CBC)

"You have a personal challenge, it's always a personal adventure, you find out how hard you can push yourself, how much your butt can ache," McLaren said, adding the pay off is knowing the money is going to a good place.

"Kids need stable housing, kids need stability, you know, some of us had it in our lives and some of us didn't — the more that have it, the better off we all are," she said. 

"You raise money for a wonderful cause, for a wonderful family, and you see Canada and you get some fresh air."

The money the group raised will go toward the construction of a Habitat for Humanity house.