Half of the scenic riverwalk at The Forks remains impassable this week, even with summer starting to wind down.

Part of the trail that runs from the downtown Winnipeg historic site to the Esplanade Riel has yet to be cleared. That section is controlled by Parks Canada.

"This is very rough. Actually, for beginner cyclists it would be dangerous," said Marguerite McNevin, a new Winnipegger who was cycling on the trail Wednesday.

The rest of the riverwalk, which is the responsibility of The Forks and the City of Winnipeg, is clear.

Parks Canada officials told CBC News they'll be sending a crew to The Forks on Monday to clear their section of the trail. The work is anticipated to take three to five days.

Officials admitted that by the time the work is done, they will have been several weeks behind schedule.

The federal agency blamed a flooding season that stretched into late July and deposited more silt onto the walkway than usual, making the cleanup too difficult for crews.

Furthermore, Parks Canada has had to contract the work to an outside company, slowing down the process, officials added.

But officials with The Forks said they did their own cleaning, and they want Parks Canada to get the work done sooner because people have been complaining about the riverwalk.

"It is an important part of The Forks and I think most people would actually anticipate that all of the riverwalk — because it does bound The Forks, and we are so well-tied to it — that it is our responsibility," said Clare MacKay, vice-president of marketing and communications with The Forks North Portage Partnership.

"So for us it would be great if all of it were open, because most people believe that we're responsible for all of it."